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Tiny Soap Kitchen

Tiny Soap Kitchen

Who is Tiny Soap Kitchen?

It has been a good 11 years of making handcrafted, all natural, eco-friendly and artisanal soaps.

Tiny Soap Kitchen had a handful of logo journey of different versions in the past years. But today, we are very proud to announce that Tiny Soap Kitchen is taking a leaf producing healthier, greener, more effective and sustainable personal care products lines.

This is Tiny Soap Kitchen

11 years ago, a simple Filipina dreamed of creating a single soap that used indigenous resources found in her community.

Handcrafted soap that reveals one’s natural beauty, healthy and eco-friendly.

Its mission has blossomed into many advocacies promoting zero waste living and giving back to its community.

Everything started in the founder’s "Tiny Kitchen". Everything began in her own Tiny Soap Kitchen. This is Tiny Soap Kitchen.


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