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Honey & Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap Bar (130 g)

Honey & Oatmeal is one of our best sellers. It hydrates skin and prevents skin dryness. It helps skin prevents flaking due to severe dryness. These bars are formulated to provide skin with maximum moisture. This is best suited for itchy skin due to dryness. Plus it's made 1/4 goat's milk that naturally whitens skin.


Beneficial base oils, essential oils, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Distiller Water, Lye, Roasted Oats, Raw Oats, Colloidal Oat Extracts, Goat Milk


  • OATMEAL is a natural skin antioxidant, it helps lessen damage caused by UV rays skin over exposure.
  • Helps reduce itching and inflammation, thus very effective in calming sensitive skin, eczema & heals psoriasis
  • Combats oily skin that causes acne. It contains compounds known as Saponins which is a natural cleansers and is responsible in removing dirt that clogs the pores.

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